FREE – Kitesurf Leash



Freeride / Wave
+ handmade in Germany
+ unique design
+ high quality components
+ reliable quickrelease
+ long life

65/85cm (gathered/streched)

Delivery time: 3-5 days

  • Poison
  • Marlin
  • Copper
  • Anna
  • Ocean
  • Mamba


The FREE consists of a rubber assembly inside, which is covered by a coloured polyamide belt. Polyamide is perfectly suited for this because it is very hard-wearing, wear-resistant and elastic. The inner rubber raffle the leash to a handy length.

The carabiner is encased by the neoprene cover as standard, so that it is difficult for a leash to get caught in it.

A medium-hard spring is built into the trigger. Hard enough to avoid accidental release, but also soft enough to separate easily from the kite at any time.

The FREE Leash is delivered with a Dyneema-Loop as harness attachment. This fits through all common harness rings.

Not the right design, or you want a freestanding carabine, or, or, or, …? – get in touch with us – we put together your very individual leash for you.

Kitesurfing is an extreme sport and involves certain risks. Always be aware of this and please also take a look at our limitation of liability.

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