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BELT V2 (S): 110/165cm

BELT V2: 130/195cm


79,90 €

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  • 2 - 5 Tage

The internal construction of the BELT V2 is similar to the one of the FREE. But it now comes with the same inner-system as the NIRWANA. The additional Polyamite belt provides unmatched absorption of forces that are present when riding unhooked


The carbine hook is made by market leader Wichard. It is covered by a neoprene sleeve to avoid line tangles.


The quick release comes with a hard spring - strong enough to avoid accidental releases during handlepasses, yet soft enough to get rid of the kite if necessary.


The BELT V2 is available in two length

(measured without load):

BELT V2: 130/195cm (contracted/stretched)

BELT V2 'S: 110/165cm (contracted/stretched)

Additional stretch at load: until 40cm


*Length measured from Carabine to Harness-Mount