Our Concept

“We’re sure of our cause – our leashes are the most reliable, stable and beautiful on the market.”

We are passionated kiteboarders with many years of experience in all disciplines. Apart from knowing the available kiteleash systems, we have also tested them all. So far, we were not convinced: faulty quick releases opened in the worst possible moment, hooks bent open, or the whole leash snapped – we’ve seen it countless times.

So one day we decided to develop our own, perfect kiteleash. A Leash that is reliable and safe in every situation, and easily handles unhooked moves with their extreme forces – RipRope!

We only use high-quality materials. Components like the carbine hooks are made by leading manufacturers, and the polyamide belts are made specifically for us in Germany. Our quick release was developed in-house as well – it combines durability and reliability with comfort and ergonomics.

Every single leash is made in Hamburg, Germany and tested for maximum load (250 kg) and release force (at 75 kg load). The results of this test are noted on the Birth Sheet of the leash.


Since our RipRope leashes are hand-made in Hamburg and not somewhere in the Far East, we can respond to your individual needs. Be it a special color combination, an individual length or a special carabiner – just let us know your wishes and we will make it possible!


We are not perfect, but we are sure of our cause. Therefore, in addition to the statutory 2-year warranty, you will receive a lifetime warranty on the polyamide assemblies. Exempted from this are contemporary wear and improper use.

Due to the modular structure of our RipRope leashes most of the parts can be exchanged, so you do not have to buy a new leash right away, should something break. Just get in touch with us and we’ll give your leash a second life.

Convinced? – grab your own FREEBELT or NIRWANA leash!

Any more questions? – please get in touch with us:

Dirk Güttel
Owner & CEO
Global Sales and Distributions

Kitesurfer since 2006
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Martin Wollmann
Product Manager & Leash Daddy

Kitesurfer since 2004
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